Sunday, March 2, 2008

"I v/s YOU"

We all have been a witness to this situation day in - day out, at home, at office, in the society at large this scenario of "I v/s You".
Some common day to day examples of such “I v/s You” are:
· Husband v/s Wife
· Son v/s Father
· Brother v/s Brother
· Daughter-in- Law v/s Mother-in-Law
· Elder Daughter-in- Law v/s Younger Daughter-in- Law
· Boss v/s Subordinate
· Subordinate v/s Colleagues
· Manager v/s Executive
· Workers v/s Managers
· Accounts v/s Logistics
· Operations v/s Marketing
· My Language v/s Your Language
· My Place v/s Your Place
· My Culture v/s My Culture
· My Status v/s Your Status
If you think deep and introspect of all the above relationships, you will get an insight that the result of this situation of I v/s You is non other than WIN / LOSE. Even if one out of the two wins the other loses and the competition continues like a vicious circle of Win – Lose.
And may I ask - Winning at what cost?
Losing the relationship at home, having bitterness with the immediate loved one?
Losing the good person at work or arousing resentment and demotivation?
Or shying away a noble person from the society or giving rise to a feeling of indifference, making the other develop an attitude of I don’t care?
Is this really Winning? Is it necessary to have such victory where the other lose?
This is a question which many people ask me during the workshops and training programs, Shabbar “tell me what do I do”, “Shall I start losing then” .. ‘Should I give up”.. or “why must I always lose”.. and as usual I love to say develop an attitude of “Win – Win’.
If your are in a relationship you cannot WIN at the cost of other Losing. This is not a game which you are playing where Winning is important. Yes, it’s a game where Win – Win is important like a true sportsman where you love and respect the other party.
I love to share this another beautiful example of your own body. Which is your strong hand? Which hand does more work? Which hand you use more often then the other?
The answer is, for all the Right hander it’s the right hand and the left hander it’s the left hand.
Now lets take the case of the Right Handed person.. Imagine this Right hand start playing I v/s You game, and says, “I am I what are you?” “I do all the work what do you do?” Right hand goes further and says “I will always be in the front of this body and you the left hand – the inferior, you will always remain back.”
Can you imagine how will your body look when you walk with your right hand always is in the front and left hand always back.. you will appear like a robot.. or it will appear weird.
Trust you will appreciate that the creator god has not made any distinction in our body between two similar parts, although one performs more and the other performs less or at times it appears so. How can you and me ordinary human beings practice I v/s You.
So friends, today, think about all your relationship and make a checklist where you are playing this game of I v/s You and practice the 5 A’s.
· Acknowledge
· Appreciate
· Apologize (it requires a lot of courage to do so)
· Ask for forgiveness
· Attitude of Gratitude
When you have practiced the 5A’s you will feel the transformation from I v/s You and you will feel the WE. This WE will be the power of Synergy to actually play the game against THEM where we need to win. A check list of “THEM”
· Ego
· Pride
· Hatred
· Disharmony
· Jealousy
· Guilt
· Fear
· Scarcity
· Limiting Belief
· Weakness
· Negative
· Our Competitors
Let us ‘WE” get together and WIN against THEM.
Trust you enjoyed reading the above. Request you to share your feedback on the same.

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