Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't Make Anyone Feel Small

Do not belittle the other person. Do not make him feel small. Do not criticize him or find fault with him.

No one likes to be criticized. Look for good qualities in others and appreciate them. When you appreciate others, you draw out the best that is in them. .
Never scold children. When you scold them, you stifle the life-force that is within them.

Mr.X asked a little boy:- “My child, what is your name?”

He answered:- “At school, they call me Adam. At home, I am called

Mr.X could not understand. And he explained:- “At school they call me Adam. But whenever I am at home, they always tell me, Adam don’t behave like this, Adam don’t speak like this, Adam don’t sit like this, Adam don’t talk like this!”

Appreciate your children. Appreciate your spouse. Women have complained:-
“There was a time when our husbands gave us many pledges, but all that has become part of history. Today, they pay no attention to us. They take us for granted.”

Tonight, as you return to your homes, go and tell your spouse:- “Honey, where would I have been without you?” Those few, simple words can enact a miracle.

When Mr.Y was in Hong Kong, at one of the lectures, a leading man of Hong Kong presided. At the meeting, Mr.Y offered this suggestion. And the man, who presided over the meeting, met him the next day. He said:- “Truly, the words you passed on to us yesterday, have enacted a miracle. When I returned home last night, I told my wife, ‘Honey, where would I have been without you?’ At first, my wife could not understand. Her face was blank. Then, gradually, as the meaning of those words became clear, her face brightened
and her eyes glowed with a strange light. Since then, the entire
atmosphere of the house has changed!”
Appreciate your friends, your spouse, your children.... ........

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