Wednesday, September 17, 2008

True love is felt by all who receive and value it.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where others are not
responding to the love we are giving. We are trying to be understanding and accepting as much as possible but others don't seem to be recognizing it.
In such a situation we begin to blame others and their lack of feelings and concern. This is very common amongst parents who are in their retirement age.Many factors influence such behaviour.Some are due to the current hype age our children are living in and being brought up in (where moral values and responsibilities take the back seat !)and more often then not a partner in a son's life may mean sacrificing the love the son is expected to give back to his parents & instead devote it to his wife.
Instead of blaming others when our love and concern is not being reciprocated, we need to check the quality of the love that we give. If there is even a trace of selfishness or if it is mixed with expectations, our love will not be able to reach out and touch the hearts of others. So we need to make sure that our love is pure and unselfish.
As parents we must learn to be more understanding towards our children's likes and dislikes.Talking about their studies in a public gathering like after a party especially in presence of the children and their friends by a father or mother maybe completely normal out of love to them but in today's hype age for our children it is not on !!
As parents we should learn to control our emotions and learn to live and let live by giving the correct doses of love and affection at the correct moment & above all at the right places without expecting any returns !! A thing very difficult to accept!