Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Teenage Depression on Rise.

Take control of your teen age depression.

For the teen age person and their parents. This truly is a world wide illness, all over the world.

This illness has been around as long as life itself. We can find out the signs by observing our thoughts on many aspects of your life.

Do you stay in bed all day? Do you get angry for no reason? Is your grades declining in school? Do you have the I do not care attitude about anything like how you talk or how you look. Do you feel like you are not worth any thing? Have the feeling that no body cares about you?

These are some of the signs of teen depression.

Do not ignore these signs.

There are ways to get help and control all of these feelings. Do not tell your teen to get a life, to get over it or how hard you had it in life as you grew up. This just fuels the fire.

Depression smolders for time and then you feel you are slowly slipping away. There is hope.

Do not give up! Know you are not alone and their are thousands of teens who feel the same way you do. Guess what, adults suffer from this illness also.

So see you really are not alone. Lets get you some help.

You need to go see your doctor. Be truthful, do not be afraid. This is okay. Seek counseling.

This does work. It may seem lame to you at first but give it a try and stick with it!!!!!

Start to believe in your self. You are important and always will be important.
Talking helps get your feelings know out loud.

When you do this you can start to address your thoughts.

Then you can start to climb that mountain with out running out of breath.
When you finally reach the top you will be able to see all the beautiful things in this world.

You will also see the bad, but that is okay because you will see them in a whole new way and be able to handle these situations in a different way.

There is hope for you and sunshine at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Remember get help, this is okay to do! Talk your problems and thoughts out and if you are recommended to take medicine than take that medicine.

Its okay, I call it the wonders of happy feelings for the rest of your life.

Take control of teen depression, so you have the chance to become a happy adult.

For more information visit www.letscuredepress ion.com

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